Oy, the nesting bug has struck! It’s crazy it’s been a month again between postings…we’ve been nestingnestingnesting for the past month or so. How that is possible is sad (we started well behind the ball because we still had unpacking and reorganizing of things from the move in the spring to do on top of buying and organizing baby things), but I am glad to report that we now finally feel ready enough for Bump’s arrival (still must take pics of the nursery!). Good thing, since we’re now at 39 weeks. We are due in 1 week, people! And today’s visit with the doctor (though not a surefire indicator) tells us we are not dilated. At all. And my folks are coming to visit soon….starting to feel like a watched kettle!

belly bump: 39 weeks

But! I am so thankful for all this time…to fully bake this little bun, to appreciate every moment of positive development, to make our house a homey home for our little person to come into, to relish the experience of being pregnant and carrying this little person throughout this journey. What a wonderful trip! I am very excited to meet this little person soon…it’s only a matter of weeks (days?!) now! At this time last year, I never would’ve imagined getting this far in the path to parenthood. What a wondrous dream to be where we are today!

I’ve been so thankful for all the great people who’ve come along on this journey with us! I *LOVE* all the advice you experienced mommies have emailed me (I truly appreciate it, so keep it coming!). I love all the sweet baby goodness showered on me by leagues of fabulous folks. The dear Paper Princess, Leslie, and Lizzie coordinated a most wonderful surprise online shower, and so many friends (online and otherwise left behind when we moved) sent so much love with all the goodies for our little Bump. And Monkey’s office got in on the game and showered us with more baby necessities and goodies. We are well set for this little person’s arrival, thanks so much to all the wonderful folks we’ve been lucky enough to know. THANKS to you all! You’ve warmed our hearts through and through and made making ready for Bump so easy and so much fun!

Speaking of all Thanks, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Monkey and I had our very own Thanksgiving meal for the first time ever (we usually trek to family, so this is the first we ever hosted for ourselves!) this year, and it was spectacular. We’re all about the sides. We had so many–5 sides for the roasted turkey breast–for just the two (threeish) of us. Monkey is such a fantastic chef. I got to play sous-chef and helped prep, but he was the man of magic who conjured up the most wonderful eats (which were then reincarnated into delicious goods every day of the 4-day weekend). I am such a lucky gal. Of course, Casey got to partake as well. 

Monkey and the Thanksgiving spread

I wouldn’t be where I am today without this wonderful man by my side!

I am looking to be super effective and tie up all the rest of the tidying (my craft room, really) this week so that we will be 100% ready when Bump decides “it’s time.” So if you don’t hear a peep from me until Bump’s arrival, you’ll know why. I thank you all for going along on this ride with us. So much fun! Will keep you posted, promise! Until then, take good care, enjoy the festivities of the holiday season, and chat with you all soon! Big Bumpy Hugs!!