Happy spring, y’all! Thanks to all of you who’ve sent sweet emails or left lovely comments welcoming Quynh into our family. It’s been such a full, wondrous time! Apologies for the ridiculously large spans of non-blog activity…being a mom has been such an amazing adventure that I don’t want to miss a moment of it. Subsequently, quality online time has diminished nearly completely. Not a complaint, just a mere fact these days. Someday, I will pen the birth story.

For now, here are some fun pics to demo what’s up:
Quynh March 2007 313 Nicki singing to Maya and Quynh Quynh March 2007 242
Quynh March 2007 199 Quynh March 2007 156 Quynh March 2007 155
lots of fun playing and laughing and just plain having fun. started yoga for mommies and babies last week (same place where I had been taking prenatal yoga before), got a st. patty’s weekend visit from my ever fab lizzie, taking lots and lots of pics of the absolute joy of our lives (who is now rolling from side to side, drooling like no one’s business, giggling, cooing and chatting, and nearly sleeping all through the night **knock on wood!**)…

Will hopefully swing by to visit all my fave old blog haunts soon. Take good care and enjoy SPRING!