Happy Holidays from the MonkeyGnomes (thanks to Bekah for leading us to such merriment)!

*  *  *

Ok, so it’s been something like seven months since I’ve chimed in. It’s not for lack of intention (I’ve got several half-written posts still stored up in my private posting). These days, a large chunk of time at the computer is rare. Very rare. Our little Bump turned 1 on the 2nd. ONE! She is walking (running!) and trying to talk (oh, she has the sweetest little voice), dancing (!), climbing anything and everything, eating many new grown-up foods, laughing at the right moments at jokes, making her own jokes (her timing is impeccable), and driving around a lot (it started with the Stride-to-Ride, which was fun, but killing our backs, and then we got the Push Buggy¹ for her birthday and she LOVES it). I couldn’t even begin to list all the wonderful marvels she’s revealed to us in the past year, but I will post a few pics for you few readers who I may still have…

She’s practicing the cell-phone-driving skills.

See the walking? And with balloons!

The eating of the birthday cake. With much glee in squishing.

*  *  *

In other news, we MonkeyGnomes have relocated ourselves further up the eastern part of the country. We’re missing our pals in South Carolina (miss you guys!! hugs! you know who you are!), as well as our house (which is for sale, so if you know of someone in need of a fab house with a fab pool, let me know, will you?), as well as the warm weather (we heard it was near 80 this week). We are in central New York, lavishing ourselves with lots of snow. Hmmm.

At least it looks pretty for the holidays:

Ok, I will try to make it less drought-like with coming posts. Maybe more small ones. Or something.

I probably will not make another peep till the holidays are over….hope you all have a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah/hanging out in the winter air. Take good care! Will try making my regular blog-read rounds soon. Happy Happy!!

¹ Made in the USA!