One of my favorite childhood memories, which dates back to when I was a mere 4-year-old, is of my father  sitting with me at my Mickey Mouse Activity Desk, the two of us sketching and painting two side-by-side trees on the same piece of manila paper.  It was a moment of parent-child bond. It was a moment of pure play. It was a moment that emboldened in me the love of creating and imparting images from my brain onto a tangible surface for anyone to see.
From that moment, I never stopped doodling and sketching and drawing.
A graduate of The University of Notre Dame’s College of Arts & Letters and the Illinois Institute of Arts Certificate Program in Graphic Design, I like to think I’m bringing a well-rounded individual to every project.
Inspiration can come in the form of a printed number, a swoop of a swallow’s song, the green of a freshly mown lawn, the fuzzy pink of a striped sock, the crease in my bedsheet when I awake. I revel in the little moments the world presents, eyes wide open for that next wonderful spark that will move my pen to paper again.
I’m looking forward to sharing with you the gifts of artistic skill given me by my father and appreciation for pretty things given me by my mother!

Thank you for visiting!

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